Recover Your Lost Lacie Drive Document

Lacie Recovery

Supports recovery from HFS+,


Media Edition

Recover corrupted and
deleted photo, audio
and video files.


Pro Edition

Volume search option
to locate missing volume
from the hard drive.


Are you not able to access your data stored in the lacie drive?

Is it possible to get back the data from lacie drive after formatted?

Is there any formatted lacie drive recovery software is available?

We all know about lacie drive which is an external storage device for storing large amount of data. It is mostly used with MAC Operating system. Mostly, people use Seagate and Toshiba hard drives. Day to day as the time grows lacie drive is also used by the people. We store our important documents and various types of data such as pictures, songs into the lacie drive. Formatting of data is a critical situation if we not pay attention on them. But sometimes it happens that due to failure of this drive or other reasons our data become lost from the lacie drive. Therefore, previously we can create backup files of our data’s.

There are various types of situations of data loss from the lacie drive:

  •   Virus attack.
  •   Formatting of software & operating system
  •   System failure
  •   If extra hard disk is attached to the lacie drive.
  •   Unusual changed in RAID configuration.

Due to this situation, you can’t be able to access your data. To get back the required data formatted lacie drive recovery is the best option. Therefore, the 3rd party recovery software is available. It has following features:

  •   Simple user interface through which the user easily understand.
  •   Quick recovery of data by using powerful algorithm.
  •   Also recovers data to other external drives.
  •   Also recovers the data from damaged or corrupted file system.

For using this software following types of system requirements are required:

  •   Up to 50MB of hard disk space.
  •   MAC Operating System and above.
  •   Intel Pentium Processor.

Simple process of recovery

Install the software with quick installation wizard. Just follow the wizard to successfully install Mac Data Recovery Software

Click on the Recover Button to retrieve the deleted items

Select from the 3 Options: Display Default Volume, Scan for Volume & Raw Search

Select the Display Default Volumes

Select the Standard Scan Option